Nathan Yates

Nathan Yates

Lakeland, Florida USA


Palm Beach Atlantic Universitty

Computer Science with Business

Expected Graduation: May 2026

Interesting Project

An interesting project I have done with my time here at PBA would be the research project I did with my team on the company Alibaba. This was done in Introduction to Information Systems.


One thing that I believe is important experience in my life is going off to college. The reason for this is that I believe going off to college helps people develop better character and become more responsible by being on their own. Another thing that is important in my life is running. I have been running competitively for 7 years now and I have had several ups and downs with this sport and it has taught me many great things. The final important thing in my life is my family. They have been with me for everything and I would be nowhere without them.

Career Goal

My career goal is to use my major, Computer Science, to work for a succesful company and then eventually use my knowledge to create my own company.

Technical Skills

  • Programming in Python
  • Basic Knowlege in HTML
  • Basic Knowledge in CSS
  • Basic Knowledge on the Field of Computer Science
  • Basic Knowledge in Overall Website Development

Classes of Interest

Website Development

Programming 1

Intro to Computer Science

Intro to Information Systems

Writing About Literature


Places Visited

  1. Honduras
  2. Texas
  3. New Orleans

Places to Visit

  • Hawaii
  • Paris
  • Brazil